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Solar Window Paint

Solar Window Paint

Solar Window Paint is a great way of dealing with a troublesome window or roof light. This white in colour water based paint applied externally is great when a blind or a film is impossible or impractical. Applying it to wired or patterned glass and domed skylights or a conservatory roof is a cost effective way of reducing the effects of the suns annoying heat.

This high performance water based acrylic paint for internal and external use which is applied directly to any glass, polycarbonate, stained glass or skylight to control the suns heat and glare. Ideal for large areas of uneven panels which unifies the exterior of any glass roof with a uniform white appearance reducing solar heat up to 70%, reduces glare up to 75% and blocks up to 95% of harmful UVs. It has an excellent long life with a 2 year warranty against cracking and peeling*.

(*warranty depends on correct preparation and installation)

Solar Window Paint is a great product for the cost conscious saving on installation charges Lincolnshire Signs and Solar Control can send Solar Paint nationwide or deliver locally.

Solar Window Paint FAQs

Where can the Solar Window Paint be used?
It can be used on skylights, conservatories and factories where budgets are tight or it would be impractical to install a solar reflective window film or blind.
Will it retain heat in the winter?
It may retain some heat by reflecting heat back in but such a small amount you may not notice unlike an internally installed window film where there is a noticeable difference.
How is the Solar Window Paint applied?
After cleaning the surface thoroughly the paint is applied by brush, roller or sprayer.
What colours does the Solar Window Paint come in?
The paint is available in white only for maximum reflectivity.
Is this a DIY product?
Yes it is as simple as using any other water based paint but take professional advice before crawling on top of any roof structures.
When is the best time to apply the Solar Window Paint?
Ideal conditions are 10oC in damp weather but not raining. Late winter early spring are ideal ready for the summer heat.
What area does one tin cover.
A 5 litre tin will cover approx 46m2 but approx 25m2 when two coats are applied which is recommended for maximum effectiveness.
How long will the Solar Window Paint last?
Depending on the roof type and how much sun and weathering it receives the paint can be affective and presentable for about five years.
What happens when the paints life is over?
The Solar Window Paint can be removed easily using soapy water and a stiff brush at the end of its life and then fresh paint can be reapplied.

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