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High Performance Window Films

High Performance Window Films are for those special circumstances when you need maximum heat or fade rejection but also need people to see into your windows. A Clear UV film will reduce 40% of the fading to window displays or furnishing but will do little for heat gain reduction. We have films that only have a light tint but reject over half of the suns energy which great for keeping things cool without changing the look of a building.

High Performance Window Films on shop front

This hair salon is hat place already with internal lighting and numerous hairdryers running but got hit by the sun from early morning through to late afternoon. This was causing the inside to become uncomfortable. Normally a strong silver,bronze or neutral film would be offered but due to the important marketing that need to be viewed through the window elliminated those films; even a light neutral film would offer which would allow a view in would have the solar rejection required. The film chosen has twice the reflectivity of a normal window film. These films carry a premium price but in turn do a premium job.

High Performance Window Films on shop front

This photographic gallery and studio required maximum protection to the window displays from the suns fading. The film chosen here was a ceramic film; rather than using precious metals its uses a ceramic layer similar to how NASA uses ceramic tile to protect space vehicles from heat when entering the atmosphere. We also supplied and fitted all the displays and signage for this customer which are some of the other services we can provide.

Benefits of a Solar Window Film

There are a number of benefits which applying a solar film to a window or conservatory:

Types of Window Films

We provide a range of films, which can be applied to existing windows. We can help you to choose the right window film for your needs:

Myths and Maintenance

What we'll do for you

We offer the best advice to you based on your needs using years of experience supplying and installing window films in both the north and south hemispheres. We will survey your property and carryout glass tests to determine suitable films which are the best for all your needs that won’t damage your glazing systems.

Ordering couldn’t be simpler and we will work around your schedule to find the best installation day for you. Our uniformed staff will arrive at the pre-arranged time and carryout the installation with minimum fuss leaving your premises clean and tidy.


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We offer the best advice to you based on your needs using years of experience supplying and installing window films. For a no obligation quote and more information:

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